Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Portable

Adobe Photoshop CC is an outstanding tool for image editing. However, it has enhanced its features in its later releases. Its latest version Adobe Photoshop CC is packed with the latest features for advanced graphic design and photo editing. Now photo editing has become very easy with all new Adobe Photoshop CC. Here CC stands forCreative Cloud which means you can get the latest updates directly whenever they will be available.

It cannot be said that Adobe Photoshop is solely for image editing. Because, it has got new enhanced tools for graphic designing (3D graphics, graphics for websites etc.), CSS, animations and video editing. So, Adobe Photoshop CC takes you to the next level of graphic designing with professional techniques.

The following tools are also integrated with Adobe Photoshop CC:
  • Adobe Generator
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Edge Reflow CC
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Behance


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nice share of Adobe Photoshop CC Portable

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